From single-panel comics to full-blown graphic novels, there are dozens of ways to use comics to tell a story. And whether kids want to write or draw something funny or scary, long or short, made-up or true-to-life, cartoonist and author Brian McLachlan maintains there are just ten crucial things they need to know to get started.

Using colloquial text, images, and examples, each chapter hones in on a different secret to creating great comics. Budding comic artists will learn how to make text and illustrations work together, how to give characters personality, how to choose the right tool for each project, and much more.

A worthy addition to the how-to comics canon, Draw Out the Story simplifies advanced concepts for younger readers, providing invaluable lessons and pointers for kids who want to learn to write and draw — and imagine — great stories.

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A graphic novel for Scholastic Canada.  “Gisele doesn’t like the sugary cereals that most kids like, but she never thought eating something good for you would lead to this. When she opens her box of Gain-ola Oat Crunch Bran, she discovers that she’s won a ticket to space!”



Every month for Owl Magazine (since 2004!) I’ve written their Alex & Charlie comic. The  art is by the super talented Claude Bordeleau. I also provide Owl with all sorts of articles, puzzles, games, valentines etc, as you can see around my site.


NO DEAD TIME- written by Brian McLachlan, art by Thomas Williams

A record store/office space/culture jamming romantic comedy graphic novel from Oni Press. “How can you find ‘the one’ when you still haven’t found yourself?”

No Dead Time (Paperback)

By (author): Brian McLachlan

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uTOpia 2: STATE OF THE ARTS- various authors (I have a 5-page comic inside)

TheState of the Arts explores the Toronto arts scene from every angle, applauding, assailing and arguing about art in our fair burg. The articles consider the big-ticket and the ticket-free, from the Opera House and the CNE to the subconscious art of graffiti eradication and underground hip-hop.

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Books in which I have illustrations:

TO BE OR NOT TO BE – Ryan North, William Shakespeare and YOU

A choose-your-own-adventure style version of Hamlet, from the creator of Dinosaur Comics. It’s hilarious.

To Be or Not To Be (Paperback)

By (author): Ryan North

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Machine of Death – various authors

Thirty-four short stories on the concept of a machine that can cryptically but accurately predict your death. I supplied one illustration amongst the many talented artists.

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