Power Ups

This is the kind of comic I come up with when I’m mixing my input. I was listening to UK rapper Tinie Tempah rap how “I’m like Mario on mushrooms, I’m like Popeye on some spinach, We gon’ keep it comin’ til I no speaka English!” the same day I was listening to psychology professor Jordan Peterson talk about the meaning of images from the Bible. I realized that consuming things for special powers is a really old story, but the power seems to be diminishing. Tony the Tiger eats Frosted Flakes but that only makes him good at sports. Anyway, that’s a good reason to listen to both academic lectures and pop music.

BTW, the reason PacMan eats fruit for bonus points was it was inspired by the other coin-eating machines that preceded it, slot machines. And the reason slot machines had fruit was they used to reward you with gum, because some places were not cool with gambling for money. The BAR logo you see on one-armed bandits is an old fruit company logo. Or at least that’s what Wikipedia says.

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