Did you know that every September 26th is Lumberjack Day? If you love maple syrup, pancakes, beards, flannel, and axes, it might be up your alley! My friend Colleen AF Venable gave me a copy of her Lumberjack Field Guide at TCAF, ( also written by her friend Marianne Ways and illustrated by various artistes) which was full of wonderful word play. It helps lumberjack enthusiasts spot the various axe-men and women, like Lumberjackie O. So to help celebrate, I thought I’d add to the list of known lumberjacks.


Sometimes mistaken for dwarves, umberjacks are short, bearded tree-choppers that live underground and collect wood at the roots.  They find fields of stumps left behind by other lumberjacks and collect them for use in their root beers and ales.

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