Magical Marker – a game of dungeons, dragons and drawings

Magical Marker is a livestreamed game of Dungeons & Dragons where a bunch of us cartoonists don’t just play the game, but doodle what happens along the way. It’s a pg-13 tale of apprentices on their first big adventure away from their mentors, a sort of “kids on hikes” tale. You can check out us out 7pm EST on Twitch, or catch up on old episodes on YouTube.


I’m the main Dungeonmancer, and get to predraw some of the locations and creatures the party encounter from week to week. Below is a monstrous chimera that combines a titanic phoenix, kraken and crystalline giant.

This is the spiky castle where it all started. The rainbow in the background is the ring around the planet of Haelon where the story takes place.Deep in the rainforests of the island of Sleeping Fire is the home of Sister SweetTooth. The very land itself become sweeter and candy-like because of her presence.Here is the gargoyle apprentice Malken SharpShadow and his mentor, the warforged warlock Flarg FiveWands.

Centered around a ruined pyramid and settled by drow from the ice regions of Haelon, is the town of New FireStone. It’s constructed by the magical of the arachnomancer mayor’s spider helpers. At night, the party found themselves wrapped up in magical trouble as they raved hard in the graveyard.The tabaxi cat people build their homes like humans build their cats cat-trees. The posts in the ground help the buildings be flexible when there’s an earthquake from the nearby volcano.The minotaurs of ThornWall reanimate their ancestor’s bones as skeletons to assist the village. They are decorated with paint, mosaics, flowers, or anything else to make them less of a grim warning of death, but a celebration of beauty. Their are no souls animating the skeletons, just the magic that might make a broom or table walk.The hero Britta BrushWand is a bard artist, or bardist who uses her paint brush like a wand, to bring her magic to life. She runs an art gallery where anyone can come face to face with images of monsters and magical landscapes from her and other’s adventuring days.

The teens faces riddles where they had to match the fruit to the description in the burial place of minotaur King Mevo.

If you want the answers, the Monk’s weapon is a pomegranate (palm o’ granite). The door open is an akee (a key). Put a boat in a grave is a fruit from this world that I introduced the week before, a fairy berry (ferry berry). Evergreen red is a pineapple (pine apple). King Leaves is mango (man go). If you can’t solve Scaled Tyrant, you’ll have to listen to episode 2 and find out the answer!

If you enjoy brain teasers in your RPGs, you may want to check out my pdf called Mastering Riddles, Puzzles, & Mazes for hints on how to add your own, with tons of examples ready for your campaign.