Silver birch, TCAF and more

I’ve been really busy lately with a new baby, a growing toddler and lots of celebrating. I won the IRA (international Reading Association) award for intermediate nonfiction for Draw Out the Story. It was also nominated for a Forest of Reading award, a Silver Birch Nonfiction. That means tons of kids across Ontario read my book as part of the their school curriculum. That’s pretty sweet. Out of the 10 nominees my book made it to the finalists as an “honour award”. I went to the St. Catherines, Toronto, and Ajax celebrations and signed lots of books, a few talks, and did lots of sketches for happy kids. DOtS made it onto the Ontario Library Association’s 10 Best Bets for 2013. The book is also up for Atlantic Canada’s Hackmatack award as well. Plus, I was the Toronto Comics Art Festival doing sketches, signing books and doing a presentation on cartooning.

Taking the stage at Harbourfront, Toronto. Everyone said it was an author’s day to get the rock star treatment. I felt more like a backing vocalist, or third tambourine.


I was appointed my own standard banner and herald. Maybe next time I can get a litter to be carried in too?


THE  CROWD GOES WILD!!!! (for free tshirts)


Half of the crowd in the gymnasium in Ajax. They were really ramped up readers. I imagine that all the jocks were celebrating sports in the library.


The crowd that came into the theatre to hear me talk. The lights here made me feel like a stand up comedian who was listening for laughs and “a-ha”s rather than relying on sight.


One of the sweet cards I got. This one from St. Leo. I think that’s a school, but it would also be cool if an actual saint drew me an alien dude.


This one was from Gandatsetiagon PS which is a pretty great name, and it has a pretty great message. Or at least hyperbolic.

fot9 fot8

At TCAF, I took over friend Steven Charles Manale’s caricature booth for a couple hours and this young man drew me back. Sweet trade. Also, nice that I got photobombed by an OWLkids logo.


The IRA award is heavy and impressive. I’d put it on a ribbon and wear it around like I’m an Olympian, but it would snap my neck like uncooked spaghetti.


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I’m Your Dad Comics




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The Further Adventures of Didi and Gogo


Inspired by Ryan North’s To Be Or Not To Be, the chose-your-adventure-style version of Hamlet (which I was lucky enough to do some illustrations for), I wrote my own Waiting For Godot inspired game story: The Further Adventures of Didi and Gogo. Go read/play it now for maximum fun times.

And even more intense, I have spent the last several months programming, doing the art, music, and story for a VIDEO GAME!!! It’s based on the book as well. So when you’re done with the text adventure, play The Further Adventures of Didi and Gogo, the video game!

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Happy 50th Birthday Doctor Who


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What it says, What I see














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